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Grand Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum is located outside Cairo near Giza pyramids. The museum is related to endless light its frontage is covered with stones, which helps the light enter through the geometric forms . this frontage gives the museum an advantage. The museums ceiling is also one of the signs of this distinguished design, which is considered as the greatest in the museums around  the world .

Egypt gives this cultural and architectural project a distinguished location on Cairo Alex desert road . it is 2 k.m from the most important archeological area " Giza pyramids " . 117 feddans was specialized for this project and the buildings area is 100.000 meter.

The museum is considered as a distinguished example for navigation through ages . through old Egypt history and its cultural heritage . which extends for 7000 years . the museum includes places for the constant and temporary displaying according to the latest systems , which is ready to receive 15000 visitors daily .

The museum includes a lot of archeological pieces . a specialized library in Egyptology . researches center. And rebuilding laboratories moreover it includes conferences center and 3d cinemas and places for visitors services such as " restaurants . gift shops . gardens . parkings "

The museum displays more than 100.000 archeological pieces as of the Romanian era . this project has three phases.

1st phase : includes " designs . geometric and artistic designs. The exact costs "

2nd phase : " Antiques restoration, Electric energy center , fire fighting station ,security building , antiques storages "

This phase was completed .

3d phase : includes museum building " showrooms . students museum conferences center . cinema archeological library . child museum " . this phase isn’t completed yet .

Worth mentioning that the museum has a lot of effects from different perspectives :

From the economical perspective :

The project will take a part in supplying permanent job opportunities for 500 people . it supplies also 1500 job opportunities in the services sector " security ,cleaning ,maintenance"

Besides 5800 new job opportunities in the attached economic projects sector such as building fields .transportation. insurance. Services and manufacturing .

From the touristic perspective the Grand Egyptian Museum will raise the standard of the touristic service in Giza governorate an it will increase the numbers of tourists it is anticipated that around 4 million tourists annual will visit this museum on the average of 15.000 visitors daily from all over the world .

This museum will be an educational entertaining experience for all the visitors     


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