About ancient Giza
-Before the contraction of the High Dan and Asulan Dam. The Nile River was
 reaching. the Pyramids area during the flood.
-The Pictures include the Pyramids beside the Nile River, as a branch of the Nile was running along the Pyramids. The pharaohs was transferring the stones through this river branch.
-The pictures include arare picture of the sphinx In 1875 and another one in 1880 in which half of the sphinx is buried in the sand .
-Khedive Ismail established the paved road between Cairo and the pyramids (Al harem street ) in 1869 on the occasion of Empress ogini's visit to Egypt in order to attend the opening ceremonies of the Suez canal.
-The pictures include also rare pictures of the Haram Street from 1934 to 1939.

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